Use memorable content to increase engagement

There’s a lot of content on the web this makes it difficult to remember everything we consume. We may not recall every YouTube video or article that we have watched or written. Every now and then someone will write memorable content that will stand out and make an impression on our lives. Such as this post by John Morrow.

It is all about emotion

When we make decisions in life, we often make those decisions not logically but emotionally. Whether it’s where to go eat what products to buy online we do what we do because makes us feel good.

Remembe that everybody’s basic needs and desires are the same. This helps us to write memorable content to connect with your customer.

  • Everyone wants to be loved
  • We all want our needs to be provided for
  • We all hope for our families to be happy and healthy

Write memorable content

Being helpful through your writing will help you connect to your customers. Most of the time what we write will only be used for the information for the moment. But if you write to be remembered, occasionally you will write something that can stick in people’s minds . This can help them form a connection to you and your brand. You can’t fake this. You can’t outsource it. But sincerely helping people through words or actions can be a very powerful tool.

My recent example

Yesterday I was attending the funeral of my wife’s brother’s wife’s grandmother who I had barely even met. This is a Buddhist ceremony where the monks it and do a lot of chanting. Unfortunately, I’ve been to far too many of these in my time in Thailand. The monks chant for hours, and we sit silently and listen. There is really nothing more to do at this time than to contemplate life.  

A renewed commitment

 Before going to the funeral I decided to share a few thoughts with my friends. Friends will often share posts of news articles but not of my own thoughts. It got a big reaction. I heard from some friends for the first time in 25 years. I think my friends found it helpful. It left me a bit overwhelmed but it solidified my decision about life. A renewed determination to be helpful. Not just to people I know but complete strangers to the web and through my work.

It can’t be all about money

You need to make a living, everyone gets that. If you be a helpful person, and it can take you far in business. More so than any logo, tagline or design ever will.

The power of words

It does show me the words can be powerful and if we write memorable content . You can move people emotionally. Words excite or make them feel like the special people that of course, they are. By writing memorable content you take a step closer to earning trust. Establish your presence as a real person not just an email or a website!

Tips for writing memorable content

  • Keep your words simple
  • Link to examples off your site
  • Use feel good stories-stir people emotions
  • Tell a story

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