How using Sticky Content will help you drop ship

What is sticky content you may ask? Sticky content is material on a website, designed to do 3 things:

  • catch the visitor’s attention
  • convince the visitor to spend more time on the site
  • make an impression so that the visitor will return

A Sticky Example

The above site is a great example of a sticky site. The website markets to fathers of children of all ages. Since most parenting websites tend to market towards mothers, fatherly has less competition. Here are a few reasons it is sticky and why it can make revenue.

  • Great niche since it markets solely to fathers, so less competition
  • Offers advice on something the site’s visitors are passionate about
  • Builds trust because it gives away help without asking anything in return
  • Visitors likely to return if they need new information

Because the readers trust the site, they are more likely to buy something the site suggests. Aren’t we all more likely to purchase from someone we trust?

I should point out that the site does make its money through affiliate links rather than drop shipping, but the principles about trust and sticky content work the same.

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