Why you should move your shop away from the front page

If the first thing you do is ask your potential customer to buy, it is rather like proposing on the first date. It can be done, but your chances are better if you if you establish a relationship first. This is why I suggest moving your shop away from the homepage. If this seems too extreme, then you can split the homepage between information and products.

Typical Drop shipping site

Normally when someone starts a drop shipping site, (in the past my self included), we add a shop with products and some flashy banners. We can’t be blamed for setting it up that way. Often sites like Shopify give us templates to do just that! Below is an example of a typical setup of a drop shipping site.

At a glance

The shop above carries several challenges to market:

  • The niche, clothing is too broad
  • There is nothing to make it stand out from other drop shipping sites
  • Almost no text, which is how Google ranks your site
  • No Search Engine Optimization
  • Impersonal feeling
  • There is no sticky content!

What is sticky content? That’s covered in the next tip