How to Drop ship without using ads

When I first learned about drop shipping, it was a short video course showing how to set up Shopify. The closing section covered marketing by showing how to set up Facebook ads. That was the whole marketing section. With every article or video I watched it seemed that no one ever considered drop shipping without using ads. When I recently found a video that suggested you should not use Facebook ads, it simply suggested using Google ads instead. 

Using ads for beginners is expensive

When we are new at something, we are not going to be good at it. With every new skill or activity there is a learning curve. If you are paying for ads while you learn, it can be quite a costly lesson. The question is, can you learn fast enough before the cost becomes too much?Marketing Drop shipping without using ads, and using just free marketing instead, means we have time to get the marketing right.

Ads can be distracting. Dropshipping without ads works better
Ads distract!

The problem with using ads

Imagine you are opening up your Facebook feed to check to see what reactions you have to a really funny post you shared earlier in the day, or to see what your friends are up to. You scroll down the feed reading posts from your friends and family and you suddenly see an ad. This is known as interruption advertising. It interrupts your activity to try to sell you something. It can be effective especially since Facebook can target interest so closely, However, it is still usually an unwelcome interruption and certainly not as effective as trying to sell to a customer who comes looking for you!

So how to make money Drop shipping without using ads?

If ads interrupt, the opposite is when a potential customer is seeking out what you sell. Most people, of course, will Google this. You could still use Google ads to be able to show your product, but I prefer to have what is know as Organic Google search feed me my traffic. Organic traffic is simply what shows up in the search results without an ‘ad’ tag beside it. I find organic traffic sells better because:

  • It is free
  • It is consistent
  • It is trustworthy

How to get free traffic from Google?

 We can use something called SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. This is not as some people think, a way to trick Google, but rather to make the content more delicious to the search engine. You will only need to know a few things to make drop shipping without ads work:

  • A few Seo Techniques (easier than you think!)
  • How to write a blog
  • How to find keywords for our blog posts

This is covered in my Seo Course

However you look at it, free traffic is preferable to paid traffic, if you are the one paying for it!

How to make money drop shipping without using ads

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