5 reasons your drop shipping is not making money


The first reason people find a drop shipping site is not making money, is lack of traffic. Obviously, if your site isn’t getting traffic, no one is seeing your site. If they don’t see it, they can’t buy it. The most popular way that people use to get traffic when they are first starting out is to use paid advertising. While this can be effective it is by no means a guarantee. Often times visitors to your site will simply click through because they are curious. Is there anything to hold them there after they land on site after they click other than the product? See the interest section below

The Product

Another reason a drop shipping site is not making money could be the product itselt.  If you are getting lots of traffic but no sales, then it could be the pricing, or the product itself. Depending on your traffic source, your site may have caught the interest of a visitor, but the product didn’t. With lots of traffic, but no sales, you may want to think of diversifying your monetization strategy and think about adding an alternative means  of making money such as affiliate links


If your shop is just an array of products it isn’t going to hold interest for long unless you have a popular unique product that someone cannot find anywhere else. Does your shop offer any information or something to hold a visitor’s attention or does it just scream “BUY FROM ME?”   Information will not only help keep visitors attention but it can help bring traffic to your site. If your site doesn’t hold interest then it could be why your drop shipping site is not making money.


If I go to your site, how do I know who you are? Will I need to look you up to find out or does the site have an about section to say who you are and a little bit about you? Do you use the word “WE” a lot on your site? If you are a soloprenuer don’t make your site sound like a big company. Use the word “I” if appropriate.


Make your visitors feel welcome. Give them something to do on your site other than shop.  This may be as simple as a video, or an interesting infographic. Make the atmosphere welcoming!

Other reasons a drop shipping site is not making money

  • The same product is available for less elsewhere
  • long shipping times
  • Visitor has had a bad experience with drop shipping before

Most of these problems and their solutions are addressed in my online video course

5 reasons your drop shipping site isn't making money
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5 reasons your drop shipping site isn't making money
Here are a few common reasons that drop shipping sites fail to make money
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