How to market my store?

This site has many free drop shipping marketing tips for drop shippers who want to increase their sales or who have had trouble getting any sales at all.

You’ve built your online store and it looks great! Now what? Are you the only one who knows about your site? If so I know that feeling all too well.

What is Drop shipping Marketing?

I like getting free traffic. I’ve found that I can achieve that by using a combination of search engine optimization and content creation. By using this powerful combo, we turn it into a way to create a traffic flow.

Using ads

I’m not 100% against using ads. They can be very powerful. However you get a visitor to your site, you need her or him to feel comfortable about being there.

Start by watching the first video of one of my free video courses!

It never worked!

When I first started to try to sell on the web, with drop shipping or other ventures, I always concentrated on building the sites and stores. If you build it they will come, right? When something didn’t work, (and it never worked!) I would simply say I had the wrong idea and try something new.

I got very frustrated(and poorer), if you are in a similar situation then I am here to help.

drop shipping tips for the beginner
drop shipping tips for the beginner

Dropshipping Marketing Tips

If you are like I was, then you want to make money online, but don’t have a clue where to start, or which marketing advice to follow or which will lead you astray. Read on and let me show you what has worked for me, or you can just click to the list of marketing tips now.

My mistakes

I only got better after learning from my mistakes and reading up on other people’s misfortunes. I got very good at building websites but kept losing money. Without any tips of my own, I spent a fortune on ads without any results. I only started making money online after learning about marketing. This can be difficult because of so many people online claiming to have an easy answer or “that one weird trick!”

Low Budget

The best of all tips is to use all free avenues of marketing before spending one red cent. I use as many free online tools as possible and spend absolutely no money at all on advertising. Actually, I made very little money until I stopped spending money on ads and using free tools.

This may seem wrong. The thing is, sometime we expect the ad or the tool to do the work for us, because we are paying for it. I stopped focusing on spending money and doubling down on making better content. The result is, I have more influence with customers than ever before.

The catch

The catch is that there is some work involved in using this marketing strategy and it does involve time. But after the work is done and the time is spent the income is mostly passive save for shipping product and a few customer service emails from time to time. I like almost free money.

The Solution

I’m not going to tell you that there is a magic formula for making money online, but there are some techniques that have can make it a lot easier. Some of them were so simple, I felt a little silly not catching on earlier.

It is a lot of hard word, and I’m still learning a lot as I go, but let me share with you what I do know!

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Dropshipping Marketing Tips
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A collection of free dropshipping marketing tips for drop shippers who want to increase their sales or who have had trouble getting any sales at all.
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